In 2014 my husband and I decided that cycling would be a fun way to change our workout routines so we went to our local bicycle shop and purchased entry level Origin8 “fat” bikes!

    Because we live in Florida’s beautiful panhandle area, I thought our shiny new fat bikes would be perfect for romantic rides on our amazing beaches made up of fine, sugar-like sands. I was super excited as I had planned a romantic ride, complete with leisurely stops to have snacks and enjoy the water. Things didn’t go as expected that day at the beach and I was admittedly a little bit discouraged but we KNEW we wanted to cycle so we drove from the beach to Blackwater National Forest. In Blackwater we discovered hundreds of miles of hard-packed clay and gravel roads. This I could do!!!

    That day in the woods we found our passion and we also discovered WHERE THE PAVEMENT ENDS…OUR PASSION BEGINS!